Curie and claudel

Theater play


Curie and Claudel come to he void in front of the Wall to play their drama of needlessness. In a world that need neither knowledge of man nor the creation of beauty or meaning, two eternal principles clash: faith versus doubt, and service to the learned truths versus revolution.

Production: Terirem and Puls Theater

Play written by: Monja Jović / Director: Ivan Jović / Music: Ana Ćurčin / Set design: Nevena Šurlan / Costume: Sonja Kotorčević / Video: Ana Marjanovic, Dusko Korlat / Curie: Jelena Cvijetić /Claudel: Anđela Popović / First didaskalia: Ana Ćuk / Second didaskalia: Maja Sofronijević / Trumpet: Marina Milosevic