Forest at the End of Time

The theatre play “Forest at the End of Time” was played during the 2021/2022 season. In the drama, seven female characters, whose destinies span the past one hundred and fifty years, bury their loved ones, their homes, their ideologies, their country and culture, their loves and languages. The heroines of this unique story are peasants, revolutionaries, camp inmates, refugees, emigrants: women who have been shaped by history in our region. The characters carry the same experience of inadequacy and loss due to which they can be experienced as one being with seven different personalities. Each story is underlined by the tragic attitude of human beings towards nature. We try to change nature, instead of trying to understand it. That is why the melancholic whisper of destroyed forests spreads through the stage. Without nature our lives are exposed, and the drama takes us to the end of time and the world, examining the limits of the experience of different generations. Written by: Monja Jović
Directed by Ivan Jović
Played by: Anđela Popović
Video: Stevan Plavšić